The eLearning Management System for Pharmaceutical industry and “quality oriented” organizations

webTraining is the complete, full-featured solution to manage company training, addressing training needs definition, training delivery, monitoring and certification of company qualification status.
The system is validated according to a rigorous metodology based on GAMP and on the strictest international standards, and verified from external audits. All the information managed by the system are tracked in adherence to the FDA rule 21 CFR Part 11.


Designed thinking to the world


  • 100 Internet-based. Can be used from anywhere using a self-installing and automatically upgraded app.


  • Multi-language. Accessible by each user in his/her own language


  • Enterprise architecture. Built on standard JEE architecture (Java Enterprise Edition) and Oracle database


  • Centralized installation. System easy to manage and update, while guaranteeing maximum autonomy to each site


  • Tested on the ground. Chosen by some of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies for their manufacturing sites around the world



Full featured

Definition of training needs

webTraining allows to associate, to each person, a set of courses defined by the assigned role and activities, and by the professional growth path, formulated globally or individually by the management. The individual training needs are costantly updated to address role changes, assignment of new activities, issuing of new procedures, etc.

Sessions scheduling

Powerful gap analysis functions allow the automatic generation of training and re-training requests. Special education needs may, in any case, be covered with requests placed manually. From all the requests the system allows central departmental training coordinators to setup training sessions in different ways: on-line, instructor-led classroom, on-the-job

Training delivery

The trainee can do self-training, self-examination and view the status of his/her planned trainings. The trainer can monitor the session status, send reminders, register results (only for traditional classroom sessions), issue certificates.

Training status check

Supervisors and training managers can check training status and effectiveness within their own area of responsibility using powerful analytical tools.

Qualification certification

The system provides the tools to verify the individual training status and to issue the certification of qualification.

Delivery Model

webTraining allows for various usage approaches. The organization can immediately adopt the paperless model or approach it gradually. The system administrator can configure different methods, indicating for each which signatures are required to complete the phases and to certify the result.


Only results entering, skipping the steps of creation and administration of the session

All paper

Instructor-led session: oral exam or questionnaire on paper, manual signatures by trainee and trainer on training card and questionnaire, manual recording of results


Any combinations of the following features can be configured by the system administrator:

  • Training mode (instructor-led, on-line)
  • Verification (none, exam on paper, on line exam)
  • Attestation for certifying the training (paper, electronic)
  • Signature on attestation (none, only teacher, only student, teacher and student)
  • Required signatures (none, on paper, electronic)
  • Self-closing session (disabled, enabled)


Online session: trainee’s self-enrollment, self-training and self-examination; results automatically recorded at the trainee electronic signature; electronic training card and questionnaire

With a rich reporting system

A complete set of reporting features to monitor the training status at all levels (individual, department, whole site), to produce analysis on time spent, results, attended courses, changes of role, etc… KPI on training gaps and training effectiveness. Business Intelligence Module to create instant and personalized OLAP analysis.


Easy to use

The consistent and perfectly designed user interface makes it easy, even for the less experienced users, the access to all functions, especially those aimed at the total audience, such as self-training and self-examination.


Standards compliant


The system is validated according to a rigorous metodology based on GAMP. Audits of leading multinational pharmaceutical companies have recognized that the Web Site’s quality system meets the most restrictive standards.


Any changes to the main entities of the system (employees, courses, etc.) are managed through versions. This not only enables the tracking of all transactions in adherence to rule 21 CFR Part 11, but allows real-time recostruction of the training status of a person, a department, the entire organization, at any previous date.

Electronic signature

The use of electronic signatures allows the gradual elimination of paper.


All maintenance, development and support activities of webTraining are governed by corporate methodology, a process that ensures orderly and highly reliable software development and assistance to the customer.



A standard integration module allows easy implementation of interfaces with document management systems, to monitor the entire livecycle of a procedure – approval, training, issuing – and HR systems to synchronize employees’ data.


Even though I’m retired… I will always remember webTraining as the best training management system I’ve ever seen in my career.

Gabriela Vanin

former Training Manager of one of the most important Pharmaceutical Company


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