A cloud infrastructure for the app dedicated to exchanging gifts


Thinxthanx is a company that offers services for the Consumer market internationally. The Customer was looking for a flexible, reliable and resilient infrastructural solution to be ready for desirable increases in workload, starting, however, from low initial costs and always proportionate to actual needs.

Architectural and technological choices

Since the application is divided into front-end and back-end microservices containerized with Docker technology, the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) delivery service was chosen in preference to Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for the savings associated with absence of fixed costs of the former.

The Docker images store and their security scans are guaranteed through the use of the Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

For the management of the database and the related back-up process with high reliability and high availability characteristics, we relied on the fully managed Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

The Amazon Cognito service deals with the management of authentication and authorization, also covering the possibility for end users to log in with Facebook, Google and Apple credentials.

Challenges solved and benefits for the customer

The infrastructure described above, made up entirely of managed services, offers Thinxthanx the possibility of exploiting all the power and flexibility of the AWS cloud, avoiding the need to set up an internal team of System Engineers.

The expert hand of a Web Site team made up of certified Solution Architects and SysOps and DevOps Engineers, accompanies the customer in the creation and evolution of an operating environment fully responsive to the most extreme stresses, and ready for the rapid release of new versions, in order to accelerate time to market.


Very professional, prepared and helpful team. They accompanied us throughout the entire phase of creating the cloud infrastructure, always guaranteeing us a very high level of service and innovative solutions and, above all, suitable for our start-up needs.”

E. Fulli – Thinxthanx Co-founder & CEO