Web Site enhances the partnership with Red Hat by making available to its customers the refined skills of its specialists in the creation of applications based on the most modern technologies and in the creation and management of software infrastructures to integrate applications, data and devices in a cost-effective,  adaptable and fast way.

In particular, leveraging on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the most complete Kubernetes enterprise platform in the industry, Web Site allows its customers:

  • more frequent and secure releases of new services
  • maintenance windows and downtime reduced to a minimum
  • a unified platform with a modular architecture capable of providing greater flexibility and scalability to meet user needs
  • resource redundancy through container replication for greater availability and reliability
  • the adoption of the DevOps model
  • continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • distributed integration and microservices hosted in containers
  • predisposition to the hybrid cloud since the OCP is independent of the underlying hardware

Web Site can also support its customers in the migration/containerization of pre-existing applications and in the development of new cloud-native applications in microservices architecture.