The integrated environment for collaboration with business partners



In any modern organization, issues of collaboration and exchange of documents have major importance. New information technologies allow the design and implementation of powerful and easy to use solutions.
The software product myPartners aims to provide, through a pleasant and very fluid user interface, functions to perform the daily activities of collaboration and sharing aimed at all organizations that have relationships with business partners (customers, suppliers, decentralized locations, etc.).

Organization’s objectives

Provide its Business Partner (BP) with an application that acts as a privileged channel for communications and that strenghtens its visibility

The BP has a tool to funnel all communications and exchange documents in a controlled manner. The comfortable look&feel and ease of use contributes to strengthening the relationship between the two partners. A casual visitor of the BP can appreciate the Organization’s willingness to innovation.

Organize their contacts by organization membership (customer, decentralized location, agency) grouping them by homogeneous classes

The Organization may categorize its BPs associating a logo to each one, for immediate recognition, and other basic information. Similarly can do for contact groups and contacts. The contact’s photo can facilitate personal relationship.

Documents sharing

Sending documents to their BPs is facilitated by the grouping levels of contacts that allow target shares (eg internal organizational change communicated to all accounting responsibles at BPs).

Application independent from the client operating system

Thanks to Adobe AIR technology it has been possible to develop a single application, independent from the operating system on the User’s PC

Users’ common objectives

Single repository for documents and files

Each document / file is easily catalogued using its basic attributes, such as its title or description, and any type of custom attributes related to the document type. The types of document are freely assignable by the administrator, along with specific attributes (eg vendor invoices: number, date, supplier, content). Creation of new documents can be obtained uploading electronic documents, or directly using a scanner. The capability to perform quick or advanced search queries on all acquired documents is the last element of an agile optical storage solution.

Controlled sharing of documents and files without clogging mail boxes

All the documents archived in the repository can be shared with other users, simply attaching them to a message. All users are enabled to exchange messages, without any mail configuration requirements and, thanks to the single repository, the actual content of exchanged documents is only stored once (rather than being duplicated in multiple mailboxes). The owner of a document can, in any moment, check the users allowed to review it, and receive read notifications from each one.

Managing of appointments, reminders, deadlines

The integrated calendar allow to manage appointments, deadlines or reminders of pending activities, supporting the selection of the attendees among the user’s contacts – the system will handle notifications and confirmations. Like the other components, the calendar is an active element of the integrated view: for example, a new appointment could be created simply dragging and dropping one or more contacts on a calendar date.

Powerful, yet simple user interface All the entities managed by the application (calendar, contacts, documents, messages) are built to naturally interact with each other using gestures or contextual menus: for example, dragging a set of documents on a contact automatically prepare a new message to share them. The integrated view provides a great outlook and improve the handiness of the tools: acquiring and archiving of a document is performed with a few clicks. The document sharing, message and canlendar features are integrated with real-time collaboration tools: users can instantly know when their contacts are online and available, can easily collaborate with them without losing focus on their activities.

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