A hybrid solution that integrates an on-premise protocol system and a modern AWS cloud web portal for managing large attachments


The customer is equipped with an on-premise document protocol system that does not allow the upload of large files (gigabytes). He wanted a solution that would remove this obstacle and be available on the cloud, to be implemented in collaboration with the prvider of the document platform.

Challenges solved with the solution

The customer now has a new portal, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), through which users inside and outside the organization can upload large files connected to the protocol system in use.
The hybrid solution, designed and built by Web Site Solution Architects, takes the best out of the on-premise and cloud worlds, integrating them and optimizing performance and costs.
The portal created by Web Site benefits from the latest technological innovations, relating to the front-end and back-end, to provide users with an easy-to-use experience, both from a PC via browser and from mobile devices.

Benefits for the customer

The customer was able to leverage previous investments and obtain a modern, complete, integrated, easy-to-use solution, with operating costs commensurate with the effective use of computing and storage resources.