The creation of a software system used intensively by many users requires specific skills

For enterprise application we mean an application used by a even high number of users, internalĀ  and / or external, developed and managed using professional and advanced methodologies, internationally recognized.

Web Site adopts the Domain Driven Development approach to design, modeled through MDA and UML standard. It uses a set of tools, both acquired both internally developed, which produce the skeleton of the code necessary for the development of the application and the scripts for creating the database.

The applications are structured in several levels, functionally and conceptually separated into layers of database access, business services and user interface. For the database access layer, we use JEE technologies, Hibernate, JPA. For the layer of business services, we adopt a SOA methodology with JEE technologies, Spring. For the user interface layer, Web Site uses tools and frameworks (IONIC, ANGULAR) to develop applications, with a single code base, for the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android), as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and for web browser.

Microservices architecture and cloud-native paradigm have completed in recent years the Web Site baggageĀ  to help companies in the digital transformation.

Web Site adopts professional tools for the software life cycle management: a) CVS and SVN for source control; b) MAVEN and ANT for automated and controlled management of the project and release packages.

Web Site is equipped with a quality system for managing the software, successfully verified through audit, from some of the major international pharmaceutical companies.