A complete and integrated solution for the online training of thousands of students


The Training Department used Adobe Connect and Moodle products for the initial training of new hires and for the qualification of existing staff. The customer wanted to find a solution that would guarantee adequate performance, especially at peak times, at the end of the course exam, when all participants accessed the resources at the same time. It also wanted to equip organizers, teachers and students with an internal messaging app to support teaching activities. Last but not least, although limited to sporadic events, the need for a streaming platform for institutional video communications.

Challenges solved with the solution

The solution created, based on the products in use and on Amazon Web Services (AWS), exploits the best features of the cloud: use of computational resources only when needed. In this case, two servers for normal learning activities and 10 servers activated only at the end of the course exam, to serve thousands of simultaneous accesses.

A centralized user directory shared between applications is maintained.

The Department can organize and manage both private and public streaming events.

The internal messaging app, also distributed on iOS and Android mobile devices, allows you to catalog and manage groups of courses, courses, institutes, school managers, tutors and students, along with their relationships. Bidirectional messages are managed and tracked between all the actors through specific channels (towards tutors and / or students of a group of courses, of a course, of an institute) according to strict authorization rules. The same app allows you to participate in streaming events based on your access rights.

Benefits for the customer

The customer can manage the training of his employees in a complete, efficient way, at optimized costs, while maintaining the know-how of the personnel acquired over the years.

Users use smartphones and / or PCs for a satisfying experience, in line with their digital habits.