The software solution dedicated to the car rental industry is now on the cloud for increased flexibility and scalability


For several years now, AutoNoStop stands in Italy as the solution to allow body and repair shops to rent and loan vehicles to their customers, and it relies today on an extensive network counting about 2600 partners. The Client had the need to improve its software solution with new features in order to expand its market share, and to extend its offer to potential partners owning a car rental license (such as car dealers) with a smart and efficient solution to support fleet, booking and rental management activities.


  • Create an integrated solution able to replace many external, stand-alone software tools and to support a broader set of business activities.
  • Allow access to the solution from both internal users and external licensees, with flexible access rules definition.
  • Design an easy and simple user experience, to support external licensees users without the need for a specialized training.
  • Create new software tools for real-time monitoring of vehicles’ movements and overall fleet availability status.


  • Possibility of expanding market penetration and entering new markets with advanced, customizable functionalities.
  • Better management control of the issue and Billing.
  • Significant improvement in the quality and timing of recoveries office operations.
  • Streamlining of communications in the relationship with partners.

Architectural and Technological choices

  • Embrace the Model Driven Development model for the back-end components, and adopt first-class technologies like Java, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Adopt the Adobe Flex framework to deliver a rich user interface in the browser.
  • Use Angular/IONIC to create a cross-platform mobile application with a single codebase.

AutoNoStop on cloud

Web Site has taken care of the migration of the entire information system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud  with great benefits for the customer in terms of flexibility, scalability, performance, security, uptime level and cost reduction.


.. using the new application, we are now able to offer our customers a complete software solution, customized with a sophisticated, modern and functional user-friendly interface. Our new system provides us with a competitive advantage and allows us to meet different needs, to consolidate our presence in existing markets, and compete in new markets.”

E. Fulli – MobilityUp’s Partner & Co-founder